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From under the bed
And out of the toilet
With a smell
Like your victim's
Head, as you boil it
The tentacles came
And behind them
The teeth
You snatch up your axe
Oft used to relief
Those that you torture
This axe is a kindness
They never see coming
For first you give blindness

You hack up the first thing
The next almost gets you
As it sprays from its bottom
An acidic goo
Where did they come from?
Don't think
Just dissect them
These horrible things
Are as ugly as you

A third and a fourth one
These creatures keep coming
But it's the fifth
That grips both your arms
Dropping your axe
You get a sense of belonging
Slowly succumbing
To monstrous charms

In a hold almost loving
The beast slowly rapes you
Then after its pleasure
It beats and it breaks you
Yet somehow surviving
You dial 911
And you are found lying
Amidst all you've done wrong

Yet sitting in prison
Something slips from your rectum
A smell so familiar
These creatures so icky
You almost respect them

This one a baby
But you don't have your weapon
And nor does your cell mate
Who has somehow slept in
And now he is late
No later than that
And from its first feeding
The creature grows fat
But for reasons unknown
It leaves you alone
And slithers instead
Down the loo
But a few moments later
You start to hear screaming
Coming elsewhere
In this near human zoo.
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Mature Content


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